hours: mon - thur noon to 9pm, fri - sat 10am to 10pm, sun noon to 8pm
free tastings every fri 5:30 to 8:30pm and sat 4 to 7 pm

fri oct 10:
5:30-8:30, free
come and taste with us as France and Italy rival their reds. 

sat oct 11: gin    
4:00-7:00, free
One of our favorite local distillers comes and pours from their diverse gin line, with an added special cocktail recipe.

fri oct 17: wine    
5:30-8:30, free
France and Austria form a mixed alliance of 4 beautiful wines.

sat oct 18: mezcal
4:00-7:00, free
This mezcal made from 10 year old plants in Oaxaca, rightfully claims roots in Brooklyn. The importers of this small batch product started their enterprise in their Kings County apartment, and continue to call it home.  

fri oct 24: Doc's Absinthe   
5:30-8:30, free
Founded in a basement in Harlem but now distilled in Brooklyn, this drier style absinthe is unique and delicious. 

sat oct 25: italian wine
4:00-7:00, free
John pours 2 whites and 2 reds of Italy's best .